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[26 Aug 2005|09:34pm]
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"You talkin' to me?" (the light of my life)

I know, I haven't updated this thing in forever, but there's been so much going on. Good things first: The baby is wonderful, cute, brilliant, walking, almost talking, and giving the most slobbery kisses....I'm not complaining mind you, just stating the facts. Oh yeah, and her shit don't stink either...at least WE don't think so..... Nikki and Brian got engaged!!! We love Brian (he's her knight in shining armour or something like that) and he LOVES the baby and he treats Nikki like a queen and me like the queen mum...so gotta love that.

Another "good thing" is the friends we had staying with us finally moved out!!! What was supposed to be "just a week or two" turned into three friggin' months.....that's what I get for trying to help people out. I made the mistake of "giving up" my bedroom and adjoining bathroom to them, because I figured it would be for a week or two the most and they would be more comfortable there...well, they were sooo comfortable that they forgot they were supposed to be finding a place of their own...damn them.

And me the idiot thought "well, if I don't charge them any rent or expenses, they will be able to save their money and find a place real easily" that was my thinking, but they kept on finding excuses with every place we'd go look at, like it's too much money or the bathroom is too small or the landlord is gonna be too nosey...crap like that.

Well, let me say that I admit I can be a bitch and when I get stressed out or tired, I am a bitch on wheels, can't help it. It just got to the point where we'd (Nikki, Brian and I) come home from work and the house was tore up, the dishes were stacking up, nothing was getting done and they were...there. Nikki (bless her heart) would come home and start cleaning, Brian would take the garbage out, cut the grass (and we have a lot of land)feed the animals, etc. and they would just sit there and drinking coffee or go off to their (MY) room and take a nap. Here's two people in their 40's without anything except some clothes and a car, living from paycheck to paycheck barely. Circumstances as they were made them this way and I won't get into that, but they aren't "bad" people, just lazy at times and content to live with family or friends and just keep on keeping on. So we finally found them a place to live and told them they were taking it. End of story. I think we can and will remain friends, but I will never let them or anyone else (except family) live with me again so don't even think about it.

Life is back to normal now and it's true what they say..you never know what you got till it's gone...I can walk around the house in my underwear again and I will by God! Well, when Brian's at work at least because I still have my pride and I really love that boy and I'd hate for him to have a heart attack!! :)
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[27 Feb 2005|09:06pm]
So, Nikki and I have been cleaning a 4,200 sq. ft. house in Hampton Cove over the weekend ( it was sold) and we just finished tonight. I am so tired my hair even hurts, my hands are numb and I think I threw my back out again. All this on top of working all day since Wednesday, but I am off Tuesday.....

Let me just say this. Rich people are dirty suckers. And if you are reading this and you happen to be rich AND you are offended....well, piss off because it's true...go move your refrigerator and see if I'm not RIGHT!!! heh-heh-heh!

Seems like every huge house we've cleaned has been a filthy mess. We cleaned a very nice obscenely large house once that belonged to an anesthesiologist....he was very rich and very filthy. I rest my case.

Tonight we scraped bubble gum off of once-beautiful hardwood floors....Nikki scrubbed a built in Jen-Aire grill so caked with grease and grime I dare to imagine anyone ever thought to clean it before. Hmm, must have been nice when it was new.....

I think Nikki and I need to go somewhere nice for dinner this week. We really deserve it. The baby is laughing out loud now and rolling over and blowing bubbles and just being cute and stinky.....I miss spending all day with her, but we gotta work. She is the greatest joy in my life and I just love her to pieces.
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My gripe for the day.......... [13 Feb 2005|12:51am]
[ mood | cranky ]

So Nikki and I decided to take the baby to Sears Portrait Studio (yeah, makes it sound all professional and shit)to have her pictures taken for Valentines day. We keep getting these coupons for picture packages (1-8x10, 2-5x7, 5 wallets..whatever) for $4.99 each sheet, so we figured we'd make an appointment and have a few done and give a set to the other grandparents too.

Now, I'm not being cheap or anything, but right now the budget is a little tight and we have to be careful what we spend and what we spend it on. So, first thing, we get there and the girl that was doing the pictures clearly wasn't used to working with babies. She was a nice girl and you could tell she was trying, but she didn't have the experience or training for this sort of thing. Trying to get the baby to "prop up" on a pillow and she kept sliding off, etc. They had a few (and I mean just a few) things there for this type of picture setting, a pillow...some weird slippery material sheets in different colors...a stuffed frog and a bunny...to catch the baby's attention which really didn't work.....anyway, got the pictures done finally and we go to pick which ones we want in the package.

Well, she goes on through all the pictures and sizes available and we picked which ones we wanted, like 4 or 5 different ones and we go to pay. She says that comes to $49.00 and something....almost $50 bucks. Whoa, rewind back to where I gave you the coupon and told you I wanted TWO packages which would be around $10-$15....let's go back to that shall we? That pisses me off. I clearly told her what we were looking for when we made the appointment over the phone (and I did talk to HER)and again when we went in before we took any pictures. Unprofessional, crappy set-up and the pictures are cute, but we have taken cuter with the digital camera. Her only saving grace was that she was nice about it and didn't give me a hard time, otherwise she'd have had a camera stuck up her ass.

Some magazine ran an article about Kevin Federline (Mr. Britney Spears...if ya didn't know)and questioned what he does all day....quite funny...showed him golfing, riding around on his motorcycle ( a gift from Britney..aww...eech)going shopping for clothes and buying a lottery ticket....I'd say he already hit the jackpot with that one. What a life this mooch has. Wonder who pays his child support? You get three guesses and the first two don't count.....

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Like I really need this..... [08 Feb 2005|12:56pm]
So, the guy that's doing our construction for the new house had to cut a section of the fence (in the pasture)to get his equiptment in and didn't really fix it back so the dogs were getting out. I asked him to fix it back, which would mean stretching it and securing it with heavy staples or perhaps nails...all he did was stick a wooden post in the ground and wrapped some wire around it. Gee, thanks Einstein!! I have since penned up three of the dogs in an area by the barn and the other two are free to roam the pasture (they stay put) so as to keep the other animals in check cause that's what they do.

The guy has not been back since, he took his back-ho and said it had to be welded and he'd be back to finish and to re-do the fence line for us. This was what, over a week ago....jerk. Tried calling him, won't return our calls so I think he screwed himself there. Joe will pay him for whatever work he did and get someone else. I have never in my life met such half-ass, lazy people. This guy has a business and it is beyond all comprehension how he keeps it going...

Anyway, I priced farm gates at Tractor Supply and they are reasonable at $49.95 with hardware included (yay) and the beams are $11.99 each....looks like I will get Paul or Patrick rounded up and put in a gate, fix the issue and padlock the entrance gate to the pasture so noone can get back there before coming up to the house and asking to be let back. Problem solved....on to the next one!!!
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Why, I really AM a redneck woman after all.............. [07 Feb 2005|05:25pm]
Ok, I helped catch a hog today...... not on my list of "things to do", but I did a good deed and helped out a neighbor. Gosh dang it, that was a big sucker too! I thought piggies were cute and pink, but this thing was massive and not cute at all. Sorry, it wasn't.

Anyway, I'm very disturbed about the happenings in Huntsville. 5 murders (they say, murders) in a day or two....a lady was found dead along 565, I think another lady or a man found somewhere, and then 3 little kids found dead in an apartment. They got the mother and I think she said she starved them or something like that. Neglected them anyway, and that the social workers came to the apartment in December, but she wouldn't let them or anyone of her family members in to check on the kids. This is beyond sad and I wonder why the social workers didn't try to go back until they could get in or check the kids. Just sick.
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Happy 2005.... [03 Jan 2005|02:42am]
I've been gone awhile, lots has happened in that time. It's all good though. Well, most of it is anyway....

FaithAnne is 3 months old today and a beautiful, sweet, smart, loving baby...she is so darn cute I can't stand it. Too tired to go ga-ga over how much I love this baby and what a welcome addition she is to our family, but trust me she is all that plus.

My daughter (Nikki) is a wonderful mommy and I just love that kid so much. She is so much smarter and together than I was at her age. I just really have to sit back smile to myself. She is a great daughter and a great friend.

I pray that this is a good year. Last year was a messed up year, except for the baby being born. Lots of griefs and trials, some suffering and I won't go into detail....just a lot of stress and hurt.

I miss the people I call "family" and I wish I could get them all here for a week to reconnect and replenish our friendship, but I will just have to settle for emailing pictures of babs and long phone calls......

House is going up soon (yay)I can't wait to move in and start over new. So much has happened in these six years and I can't believe it is 2005 already.

Tonight we went to this "haunted" mansion way, way out in the middle of nowhere and I mean in the middle of nowhere....scary...like "Children of the corn" scary..anyway, we took pictures on a digital camera and got some good "orbs"...it definitely had a "feel" to it and I didn't go inside, just stayed on the front porch and shined the flashlight in the door like the true chicken that I am...but, Patrick said the upstairs wasn't finished and there were some old fashioned rocking chairs up there. There were some downstairs too, like 8 total...weird! It had a very ornate, carved wood door and side panels, a pond in the front yard, some really creepy bushes and a huge tree in back that got struck by lightening or something...a childs playhouse (made to look like the house) and a room in the side of the house, sortof like a mini basement. Maybe that was their storm cellar, but it was a massive house and the roof over the porch was falling in. There was some strange POOP on the steps and the porch too....not dog poop or small poop...more like a horse, but smaller? It was all over the place...who knows what it was from....and bats. We saw and heard bats all over.....We tried in vain to find this old farmhouse that is supposedly haunted too, but ended up almost in Tennessee, so we turned back and went home.
Oh well.....
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[01 Oct 2004|11:12pm]
Went to Babies R us and Toys R us with Nicole tonight. We were talking in the car and she mentioned how she is starting to feel very protective over the baby, had nightmares of someone snatching her or harming her. How she isn't as trusting of people as she once was. I told her she's losing her naivete, she's maturing. She's becoming the lioness that will defend her baby no matter what the cost. She will be/is a great mother and Faith is a lucky little girl. Three more days......:)


Well, we had another messy rental job today, lots of garbage to haul out, etc. we went to the office to pick up the keys to the place. The people we occasionally do this for are realtors, an elderly couple, always really nice and I believe religious....so he was sitting behind his desk talking to me and I noticed he was looking at my boobs. No, wait...he was talking to my boobs, more like it. He has done this once before and I totally forgot about it, it was so long ago. So, I'm standing there whilst he is staring at my chest, talking and I just crossed my arms and hurried up the conversation so I could leave. I got home and told Nicole, explaining to her how I crossed my arms and she starts laughing and says "Mom! you made it worse, now you've got cleavage!!" OY!! I don't know, it just didn't sit well with me, this old, married guy....grandfather type blatantly talking to my chest. I should have said "hey, my boobs can't hear you...can ya talk a little louder?" shit.


Must clean up cat poop somewhere in my bedroom......I KNOW it's there somewhere under something, I just can't see it. Oh, and my car? It smells like farts. I don't know what is in there that smells, but there is something forgotten that I need to find and get rid of......I know, I'm such a joy aren't I?
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[30 Sep 2004|06:48pm]

Nicole has taken to dressing Pancake up...(don't worry I'll wash the dress, geez)hmm, maybe we can get Little Puss dressed in a tux to go along with her? She was miffed, she's always miffed doesn't matter what you do to her...she'll get over it eventually.

I am so sore from all the work yesterday, lifting 50 lb bags of garbage....the guy we were doing the job for said "well, you're pretty strong for a woman, you don't look that strong" ...I wanted to say "yeah, there's muscle under the fat"....but I didn't. I guess that was a compliment ;)

Went out to feed the dogs tonight and that same wasp was in between the fence post..just sitting there waiting for me to unhook the latch so it could get me....I had to go around to the big gate where there's a huge ant pile...rather deal with ants then wasps though. I'll mention it to Paul when he comes out to please kill the damn thing.

My brother's best friends dad passed away today. They were going up north today anyway, so at least he'll be there for comfort. We knew this was coming, but it is still a shock and a hurt for him.
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[29 Sep 2004|08:12pm]
Had a rental house cleaning job today.....Sacre bleu! how do you say..uh,, in the name of all things holy, theese was a sheethole!!?? It was crime scene gross (we have levels of gross)without the "crime" part. The fridge was gag-afying and didn't work, so needs to be replaced thank God...so it didn't get cleaned. Cute as heck house though, older home, maybe 1940's....high ceilings, crown moldings, sash windows, etc. I'm in there daydreaming of what I'd to to it, if it were mine to restore...but alas it is not, so I just cleaned the shit out of it and handed back the keys. They were soooo happy with the results (thank you, thank you very much, oh please, you're too kind)the guy said, he thought the house was going to be a total loss, now all he needs to do is steam clean the carpets and fix a few baseboards. Yay!! :)

Went to Kay Jewelers and picked up Nicole's necklace, wanted to look around some, but she was with, so couldn't. I love Kay Jewelers so much! They have some really nice bling! heh heh......I think we have the other apartment complex account, I hope we do.....Please let us have it...*lower lip quivering* we're gonna need the extra income for diapers.....* sniff, dabs at eyes, sniff*

I am so tired, it's unreal. I'm gonna be a ball of muscle spasms tomorrow, I just know it. Coming home tonight from a long day, I momentarily forgot that Joe is gone and thought he's gonna want dinner and we've been gone too long.....just a little memory lapse, I'll be fine.

Rob, if you read this....how was the roast? I want the recipe. I bought fish tonight and I never buy fish. At Sam's Club, breaded flounder fillets. Just sounds so good. Of course, Nicole won't go near it, she's having TGI Friday's something wrapped up....with beans in it..whatever it was I bought.

Gawd! Anna Nicole Smith is skinnnnney now!!! Still has bigguns though.......but she is so thin! Good for her. Now if someone would just lend her a brain, she'd be on her way......
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[27 Sep 2004|03:57pm]
So the last 24 hours have been @&%$......but anyway, today I go to my Monday people (the account we lost) to do the last cleaning. She was so nice, she left $20.00 over our usual fee. So, no one is home when we go there and I have the key so I let myself in, used the bathroom first thing ( I always have to pee)and started in on the master bath....all of a sudden I felt this really hard pinching on my lower abdomen (at the underwear line)and I grabbed at my shorts, kind of pulled at them and thought WTH? didn't feel anything else, so started to scour the sink and again I felt this stinging on the side of my butt, so I grabbed the shorts and felt something under them. Damn it if it wasn't a huge wasp. I didn't know what it was yet and I was scared, so I flung off my shorts (In their bedroom, I'm in my underwear)and shook out my shorts all the while screaming and dancing around like an idiot, cussing my head off...and by now I'm freaked out by what it was stinging me, where it went and wondering if they have cameras strategically placed around the house (he's an ex detective) you never know...so if they do they will either be shocked, amused or horrified....I guess I'll never know, but anyway, I found the sucker. It was trying to blend in with the side of the vanity, but I saw it and it saw me too...because it freaking turned it's body toward me as if to say "I got you 3 times, bitch...whatcha gonna do now"....this thing was (I swear) 4 inches long at least......I sprayed it with Comet bathroom cleaner and it almost died, but it was still moving around trying to find me, so I squished it and flushed it down. Let me tell you now. If you ever get stung by a bee or wasp, grab ammonia and dab it on the stings right away! It takes the pain away (for quite awhile) and swelling.

I'm just glad no one was there to see this, I'm glad she had ammonia and I'm glad that thing is flushed back to hell where it belongs!!!! I don't know how it got into my pants or when it did, or how It traveled from the front to the back, but it did. I came home and told Nicole and she started laughing hysterically. She said, "mom, this would only happen to you".....

Joe got stung by some wasps a few years ago while cleaning out his shop. They stung him on the head about 5 times...he comes in and says calmly "I've been stung by some wasps or hornets or some freaking thing, do you have anything to put on it?"....so I didn't know what to use besides ammonia which I didn't have and looked it up on line. It said to use a cut onion. I had onions, so I cut one and we put it on his head, I went to go look up more remedies and a few minutes later he has his hat on and says he's going to Lowe's for some lumber. He left the house with cut onions on his head under his cap.......now that's a real man! HA! :)
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[26 Sep 2004|01:06am]
This just makes me sick and mad.... just read our news, where a 7-year-old boy was bitten IN THE FACE by a pitt bull. The dad says "Oh, he's all right, just some puncture wounds and he doesn't need stitches" (well, they don't suture punture wounds, now do they?) "I'm just worried about infection." The boy was playing with some puppies and the pitt broke his chain and attacked the poor kid. What about the dog? I dunno....maybe GET RID OF IT???? Give it to someone without kids? Like a junk yard or something maybe? They could use a dog like that. I sure as hell hope they aren't going to keep that dog. Isn't the kid more important? What if it happens again?? I love my dogs, but they bite us they are history. End of story. I just don't get some people. Very sad.
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[25 Sep 2004|11:55pm]
Ok, what movie is this line from: " I won't be IGNORED Dan..."

What about this one: Dad: "A mosquito ever bite you son?"...Kid: "I dunno dad..."


Formerly nasty neighbors came over tonight to invite us to church revival thing....that was nice, but we aren't going. I'm not a church person, not that there is anything wrong with it or any religion, I just prefer my own thinking to that of any organized religion. I consider myself to be a spiritual person, a good person, I don't steal, cheat, lie, drink, kill (except bugs) or anything major. I do smoke and swear like a sailor at times, but never in front of children, old people or members of the clergy.

I was raised in a Catholic/Jewish home so I just put the organized religion part behind me and have faith in God without calling myself one thing. My brother leaned toward the Jewish side and that's fine, but he doesn't go by it really. We put up a Christmas tree, he doesn't. I find humor in religious jokes (as long as they don't hurt anyone) and he doesn't. Like " I finally found Jesus. I looked behind the couch and there he was" That to me is funny. Or " Why did the Jews wander around the desert for thousands of years? Somebody dropped a quarter" ....that is funny to me too. So, it was nice of them to invite us, but knowing them as I do, I feel like they are trying to save our souls from the fiery pits o' hell and I just don't feel like I need to be saved from myself.


On occasion if reading this journal, you might come across something that in your opinion is TMI (too much info)that's fine, but I usually don't hold back so, there is the warning.

Did I mention that our cats can clear a room in 5 seconds flat? They can and it isn't pretty. Especially when you are sound asleep unaware of the cat's ass that is within millimeters from your face....I don't know why they need to curl up in that position, but they do and I secretly hate them for it. Microkitty needs to get spayed soon, she is starting that meow-purr thing and rolling around on the floor. She's also adopted this little play mouse (well part of it, she ripped it to shreds awhile back) and carries it in her mouth all over the house chirping/purring. I wonder if she thinks it's a kitten?
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[25 Sep 2004|12:00am]
Well we lost one of our accounts today, because the kids moved out to go to college and the parents don't need the help any longer. Ok, I can accept that.....when God closes one door, he opens a window somewhere, or something like that right? Or is it when one door closes another one opens and has nothing to do with God airing the place out? Whatever, I'm tired and I have no business trying to think right now.

Went to Patrick's new apartment last night, quite nice the way they decorated. His room mate's dog looks like Panda except she's white and Panda's black, same face and bloomers though. So cute.

Nicole is the same, well she's been having some Braxton Hick's, but nothing more. I still think she might go sooner than her due date. She took some cute pics of the animals and the land, put it in her journal ___Nikki (I don't know how to link her and she is friends only, so.....Rob you can read her though. :)

I seriously want to go shopping. We are gonna need some more winter stuff and I think we are entitled to spend some on something other than food and utilites. Damn it. Why wasn't I born rich?? WHYYYYYYYYY??? It's just as well anyway, If I were, I'd probably end up giving most of it away to people that need it more than I did, so I'd still be in this life. But, what a great life it is.....I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams :)

Nicole makes me laugh so hard sometimes. I can't say why, no body would get it, so I'll just remember quietly to myself and leave it at that. What a great daughter I have, I am so lucky. :)

My car is making a whiney noise. Joe said he'd look at it and I just hope nothing is really wrong with it. Maybe just a belt or something.
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[21 Sep 2004|04:51pm]
So, Britney and Kevin got married.....I saw that she bought the rings AND she gave his highness the gold band with a diamond whilst she settled for a plain band.....I hope he signed a prenup....well, to each his/her own I guess.

Got a call for another apartment complex, need to get worker's comp. insurance first, so we'll see if we can get that job, would be nice.

Went to Nicole's doc appointment today, she's still at 2 cm, effacing, progressing, etc., Dr. said she might talk about induction at next visit. I hope she goes into labor naturally, but not that she goes over her due date. Just playing the waiting game now. It's so hard to wait, though.
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[20 Sep 2004|10:44am]
So, we just got our computer back. Nicole tried to reformat it because we had viruses, she almost had it, but got stuck on something and had to quit trying. Joe came over yesterday and did it for us. He was really surprised to see that she knew what she was doing, to a point and could have done it herself. She is a smart girl afterall. :)

He moved out like 4 months ago and still has a closet full of clothes, computer equipment, books, etc. here. I packed most of his software stuff in boxes and tried to organize and label what was in each box, but seeing as I don't know what most of the stuff is, I just threw all wires, connectors and circuit boards or whatever in a box and marked it Joe's stuff. He's a mess. If he wasn't being so nice, I'd burn it all, but he's been pretty good to us so far.

Ivan the terrible missed us....dumped a huge amount of rain and some pretty strong winds, but no real damage. The people south of us in Mobile and Pensacola got hit hard though. I feel so bad for them, some lost everything. I can't imagine. We are so lucky.

Talked to my cuz finally! Got her # and we talked for a long time. She apologized for not calling for so long and I told her it was fine, but she needs to stay in contact with the people that love her and can try to keep her positive as she goes through this. She seems to be doing quite well considering and in good spirits. So glad I got to talk to her directly.

Nicole has another doc appointment tomorrow, so we'll see what's going on with baby Faith and I hope she is progressing. I'm sure she is.....can't wait.

Cleaned the carpets and the upholstery in the car, so we are ready for the baby. :)
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[13 Sep 2004|07:55pm]

Here is a pic of Nicole's swollen feet (she's gonna kill me for this)that's Pancake by her left foot, by the way. Poor thing, she has "cankles" (the calf and ankle blend)edema is such a bitch. Hey, but at least her toes are polished right? She can hardly fit in her shoes. We might have to get her some old lady sandals, the kind my grandma used to wear..heh heh. Oh the joys of late pregnancy!
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[13 Sep 2004|03:06pm]

Cleopatra, Caeser and baby Spartacus.

A friend of ours came today to take Ava to his place so she can give birth in a few weeks. It will be her first and she is rather small, so he might need to assist. Which is really nice, seeing he'll have to stay up all night with her when she goes into labor....then we'll get her back with baby. I'll post pictures when I get some. When he grabbed Ava's horns it was quite a struggle to get her loaded in the truck and she was bleating her head off. Hugh (her boyfriend) was frantic that we were taking her out of the pasture. Poor thing, he got over it quickly though when we gave him some corn, figures, doesn't it. ha.
Goats are so friendly and they really do take care of their young. Spartacus would lose sight of his mommy and just sit there and cry "maaaaaa" and she'd come running to him or call back to him to let him know where she was and she was on her way. The babies "bounce" around like they have springs on their feet..they are so damn cute. Babies all around the place :)
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[13 Sep 2004|12:28am]
Well it seems that Dolly Parton is coming to our super Walmart this Friday at 6:00 pm.....why? I have no clue, nor do I care.

Today Nicole and I went to check out this new Ashley Furniture store...wow! Very nice, super expensive stuff...heavy armoires, leather couches and chaise lounges, wrought iron and wood..very Mediterranean feel to the place. We're walking around the store and we come to this area that is set up like a "Bistro"....you can get coffee and a pastry or something... while you are shopping for furniture.... this just struck us as funny. The people in there were snotty too, by the way. I hate snotty people. Especially snotty sales people. They can kiss my ass.

All I want to get for the new house in the way of furniture is a new dining room table and a coffee table. Maybe a few lamps. Other than that, we have everything already. I just wish it would get going!
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[10 Sep 2004|05:33pm]
Today Nicole and I walked through the mall to get her "going" with her contractions and also just for exercise. Had a lot of fun stopping at stores, looking at baby stuff. Went to Disney store, they don't seem to have all that much, but they do online, so. Went through Dillards and Parisian, Baby Gap-they are pretty expensive...but cute stuff. Dillards and Parisian are having a sale, but most of the baby stuff was already picked over, so we didn't get anything, but really we don't NEED anything for at least 6 months!

This lady stopped us selling nail cream/buffer from the Dead Sea...she asked if she could demonstrate on my hand and I said well ok, I was kind of embarrassed, because my hands are a little rough/dry. She said "what's wrong with your nails?" Gee, I wasn't aware that ANYTHING was wrong with them other than they are short! Before I could answer, she put this stuff on and massaged it in, then buffed my one nail and I am amazed, it looks so shiny and my hand is so soft. She said this nail buff/cream will last about a week or two...she doesn't know what my hands go through on a daily basis, so I will be happy if it lasts a few days. :( I do want to go back and get the kit and look at the other stuff she has, since it is all natural. I just didn't have money to spend today.

I am thinking of more things I can gift Nicole with when she goes into hospital. I'm so excited. Can't post on here, cause she'll see and spoil the surprise, but I want to pamper her so bad right now. She deserves a little pampering. Poor thing, her ankles are swollen, hands too. She is so uncomfortable right now. Hope baby makes an early arrival :)
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[10 Sep 2004|01:51am]
This is for the redneck following me thisclose almost all the way to work....

1. You riding my ass will not get you where you're going any faster.
2. Me flipping you off was not a flirtatious gesture.
3. I was not testing my brakes....

I am once again disgusted. No return call about my cuz and this little game has gone on long enough. I guess I have two options: To either leave a message on their machine and say exactly what is on my mind or just wash my hands of the whole thing. I hate to do that, with her being so ill. I just want answers or a chance to talk to her and tell her I love her. I sent another card, I hope she gets it and maybe calls. I just wonder if anyone is going to see her and what she is thinking. Is she all alone everyday? Are they treating her well? Are they respecting her wishes? Are they telling her lies? It's a sad thing and I don't know what to do. I hate this. This is not fair to any of us who care about her. Shay is ready to hop a plane and try to find her, but we can't do that because we don't know where she is. She could be anywhere in that city OR outside of that city for all that matters. People call me and ask questions that I can't answer because it's a big secret. How sad this is.
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